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EDM.com Spotlight

How Many Paintings Does it Take to Make a Music Video? [WATCH]

See what happens when high art meets atmospheric electronic music in this beautifully captured music video composed over over 1,250 paintings.

Berlin based film-makers Boris Seewald captures the fluidity and elegance of dance in this new music video for German producer Ralf Hildenbeutel.

The music video which is made from over 1,250 paintings and sketches creates movement from static images. Through the use of film tape, Seewald is able to capture the subtelety of motion that is paired gracefully with Hildenbeutel's atmospheric and minimal track. The juxtaposition of charcoal sketches and water color create texture and emotional depth, adding a vibrancy that real life can only hope to mimic.

For more of Seewald's motion picture work, you can check out his website here.

Ralf Hildenbeutel's new EP "Moods" can be sampled on his Soundcloud.

Cover Photo: Boris Seewald

H/T: The Creator's Project

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