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EDM.com Spotlight

Champions of Justice Debut 'Rio & Fugue' featuring 13-year-old Piano Virtuoso [Premier]

13-year-old Rio Mangini has accomplished quite a lot in his young years and it looks like this is just the beginning of a bright future.

As the son of Mark Mangini, who recently won an academy award for sound design for the Mad Max Fury Road soundtrack, Rio has already established a promising career in his own right. Boasting two performances at the Carnegie Hall in New York City, Rio has proven that his musical talent is unmatched.

Rio's experimentation of mixing classical music and electronic beats prompted a collaboration with Champions of Justice. The trio, comprised of Kezwik, Sullivan King, and Static Revenger are bringing the heavy artillery on their latest track "Rio & Fugue".

"Rio & Fugue" combines Rio's classically charged piano skills with heavy, atmospheric bass music that was created while watching the climactic battle scenes of 2015's adaption of Mad Max. This influence is made apparent in the pedal to the metal sound design that is featured in the track's drop.

Check out the track below and be sure to follow Rio and Champions of Justice on Soundcloud!

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