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EDM.com Spotlight

An EDM Producer On Why Donald Trump May Be Good for America


Thoughts regarding the possible eventual positive impact of Drumpf.

(...bear with me)

For my whole adult life, I've marveled at a strange dynamic of political discourse in America.

There is a large segment of our society that is very clearly hateful, racist, homophobic, sexist, misogynistic, etc. And despite the fact that these qualities are ostensibly not acceptable in polite society, there is a corresponding group of politicians and media talking heads who are welcomed in polite society even though they clearly pander to this group.

These public personalities have in turn established a set of rules for discourse under which they and their followers can be overtly hateful and intolerant as long as they use the appropriate code words. Advocates of tolerance and compassion dance a ridiculous dance with these hatemongers in nearly every conversation.

For the sake of politeness - or perhaps to avoid accusations of ad hominem attacks - we pretend to not see through their paper thin veneer of coded language to the hate and intolerance motivating their positions. As if there is a single intelligent person who doesn't know what they really mean when they say words like "thug", "welfare queen", "terrorist", or "pervert".

I've done it myself - failed to state the obvious truth that someone is just straight up racist, and literally everyone knows it - because white fragility has trained us that in polite conversation calling someone a racist is essentially as bad as actually being racist. Imagine the gasps of horror at a family reunion if you simply stated the painfully obvious fact about Uncle Racist or Grandma Homophobe.

This is where Drumpf is actually doing something good for America. He has repeatedly stepped so far past the bounds of the Fox News polite society lexicon that the veil is torn, and it can never be repaired. If someone supports Drumpf, you don't have to pretend to not know what their words really mean.

In my view, this is a turning point. We don't have to be polite anymore.

Any pundit or politician who fails to disavow Drumpf can now be openly, unequivocally labeled a hateful, racist bigot, and excluded from discourse and dealings among civilized people. And when they are excluded, the astounding weakness of their position will be laid bare - because their followers are not the majority.

Their legions of disciples are frightening en mass, but they are in fact a minority. We significantly outnumber them in raw population, and overwhelmingly outweigh them in terms of economic, technological, and intellectual strength - because there aren't many surgeons or engineers or physicists or programmers or epidemiologists or professors over there, are there?

America has been held back for far too long by the hateful and willfully ignorant, and by the devious media/political machine that so skillfully manipulates the discourse to preserve the influence of such. Drumpf is breaking their machine.

So assuming we can stop him and his followers from doing cataclysmic damage to America and the rest of the world, we might soon look back on the rise of Drumpf as a positive turning point for progress.

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