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Rebel Radio Ep. 38: Vikter Duplaix - How to be Fearless, Baby

How to be Fearless - A Rebel's Story

We loved this interview so much we chopped it in half. You get the head this week. Come back next week for the tail.

Vikter Duplaix isn’t just one of the most talented DJs around. He’s made his way through the music business since he was a teenager and has learned how to make the system work for him.

He’s been nominated for a Grammy. He’s worked with legends. When I say legends, I mean LEGENDS: Earth Wind & Fire, Erykah Badu, Common, Jamiroquai, Teddy Pendergrass, Kenny Gamble, Jazzy Jeff, Questlove.

He’s been on TV, first as a contestant and then judge on BET’s Master of the Mix. And he created one of the most soul-nourishing club nights around: Kiss n Grind.

In our interview, Vikter takes us through the ups and downs of his career, from watching people get shot at his clubs when he was a teenage DJ starting out, to the expectations of being an international sex symbol. He’ll teach us how not to let fear get the best of us and how to avoid burnout.

Click to learn all this and more.

Warning: This one is FULL of dope music clips. Get ready, and then get ready to come back for more next week.

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