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Behind the Scenes: UK's Top Dance Music Act Reveals Their Setup [VIDEO]

Red Bull just premiered the next episode in their series, Studio Science, featuring Grammy-winning UK production duo Disclosure. Brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence are responsible for bringing house music to the modern pop charts and jumpstarting the career of the now multi-Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Sam Smith.

In this 15-minute mini doc, the brothers bring viewers onto their 6-foot high stage and take them through their live setup. Guy starts by breaking down his riser including his first-ever drum set, which his dad gave him when he was 9 years old. Guy goes on to share the exact equipment he uses - from an old, trusty Juno-6 to his new MalletKat PRO - and how in order to create an engaging mix of electronic and acoustic performance.

Howard then takes viewers over to his riser where he shows them what he uses to perform different basslines, chords and melodies during their show, explaining just how he manages the settings, sounds and midis for each song.

Whether you are working from a technical knowledge or not, it's fascinating to to hear the brothers talk about the evolution of their live set, how much of their show is now planned and improvised and how they handle technical difficulties and mistakes during performances. Watch Disclosure's behind-the-scenes tour of their stage and setup in full below...

Cover photo by Noam Greenburger

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