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EDM.com Spotlight

Dubstep or Big Room? See the Genres That Use Ghost Producers the Most

Thump recently did an interview with one of the people behind edmghostproducer.com, a business designed to connect anonymous ghost producers to "artists" and labels looking to purchase their work.

They discussed the different perspectives on ghost production, and shared some statistics from their service. Most interesting was a breakdown of the musical styles that utilize their ghost producers the most, as seen in the chart below.

They also commented on their stance regarding the ethics of ghost production.

The industry demands that up-and-coming artists not only have to be a DJ/producer, but also do their own PR/marketing, graphic design, and social media. Ghost producing has become a tool available to anyone who feels it may help them express musically what is required of their artistic brand, even if they do not have the skills to have that complete "artist profile"—which is interesting because when DJing began, up until the EDM explosion, it was not a requirement for a DJ to be a producer too.

Right... or, if you don't have the skills to support your "artistic brand", and complete your "artistic profile", you aren't a fucking artist. Yes ghost production has been around forever in other styles of music, but that's really not the point. We call electronic musicians "producers" for a reason - because they produce their music! When some clown with a good marketing plan and a pile of cash calls himself a electronic musician, but doesn't actually produce, it's an insult to all of the real producers who have dedicated their lives to creating electronic music.

Check out the full interview over at Thump.

(But be warned: if you give a damn about artistic integrity, it will make you angry.)

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