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EDM.com Spotlight

The Deadmau5 VS Kanye Feud Is Now Beyond Ridiculous

Earlier today we covered the Twitter feud between Kanye West and Deadmau5, but it has developed in the intervening hours.

Kanye responded to Joel with a series of tweets, screenshots below.

And, of course Joel shot back:

Is it just us, or is this starting to smell like a publicity stunt? Seeing as Deadmau5 and Kanye are both part of Tidal, and (one would assume) they both have managers/publicists who would have shut this down if it was actually a serious beef, it's starting to seem fishy. They've both been quiet on Twitter for several hours - so maybe management did finally intervene. But if a few months from now there's a new Kanye x Deadmau5 collab, we'll be saying we told you so.

[But seriously, don't pirate software. It's a shitty thing to do, regardless of who you are. And if you pirate software cuz you're broke, and then become rich and famous, for fuck's sake pay for your shit once you have money. It makes you very way more betterer of a person.]

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