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EDM.com Spotlight

Deadmau5 Just Called Kanye West a Dick, Called Him Out for Stealing

Deadmau5 just caught Kanye West apparently pirating software - that Joel's friend and labelmate Steve Duda created.

Serum is a VST synthesizer made by Steve Duda/Xfer Records. Since it was released a couple of years ago, it has been widely praised and become a staple in the arsenals of most electronic producers. Apparently Kanye West was hoping to get in on the Serum action - but didn't want to pay for it. Kayne recently tweeted some shots of his computer screen, to drop hints at upcoming collaborations and studio work. But Deadmau5 noticed the headers of some tabs open on Kanye's computer, very clearly indicating that he was attempting to download a pirated version of Serum.

Deadmau5 then suggested that maybe Kanye was too broke to afford the $200 (actually $189) to buy a legit copy of Serum, and someone should start a Kickstarter.

and apparently Tommy Lee obliged:

As funny as this all is, Deadmau5 is right to criticize Kanye. Software developers bust their asses to make the tools that producers use, and far too often their work is stolen. When you steal from a musician via online piracy, they can still go on tour and hopefully make some money off of tickets sale. Musicians also have merch, and licensing opportunities to make money off of.

Software developers can't go on tour, rarely sell merch, and don't have the kind of licensing opportunities that musicians have. Their software is usually their primary stream of revenue, so it's crippling when they lose sales to piracy.

It's just morally gross that someone as obviously wealthy as Kanye West won't spend $189 on a brilliant piece of software like Serum. And for what it's worth, Steve Duda is one of the nicest guys in the music business - he's made a ton of great software that he's given away for free, he does free tutorials all the time, and he often personally responds to troubleshooting questions from users (I know, because he's done this for me and some of my friends.)

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