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18 Headphones Ranked by Audio Quality (Because Some Are Just Not Worth It)

TIME collected expert reviews, specs and features for nearly 3,000 headphones to find out which ones are really the best bang for your buck. With a scoring system based on expert reviews, specs and features, they were able to rank the 18 of the best headphones on the market.

The rankings may surprise you, but it reveals once and for all whether you are paying top dollar for audio quality or a brand. The three brands that came in at the bottom were Plantronics, Beats by Dr and Skullcandy, making them not really worth the pricetag. Klipsch, Grado and Shure reigned as the top three, making them the most reliable on the list, as TIME concludes.

1. Shure (90)
2. Grado (89)
3. Klipsch (84)
4. Pioneer (83)
5. Sony (80)
6. AKG (79)
7. Sennheiser (78)
8. JVC (75)
9. Audio-Technica (74)
10. Panasonic (74)
11. Apple (74)
12. Bose (73)
13. Philips (72)
14. Creative (68)
15. Koss (68)
16. Skullcandy (62)
17. Beats by Dre (58)
18. Plantronics (57)

Read more about TIME's headphone research and subsequent rankings at http://time.com/74886/best-headphones/?xid=time_so...

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