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Top 5 'Oh Shit' Moments from 2016 Ultra Music Festival [VIDEO]

That's a wrap! The 18th edition of Ultra Music Festival came to a close last night, but not without plenty of jaw-dropping moments that will go down in dance music history.

1. The return of Pendulum

After surprising fans with a surprise DJ set at the 2015 V Festival last summer, the legendary drum and bass group known as Pendulum reignited hope for a reunion after a three-year hiatus. The band then teased us on their social media pages in December, promising big news to come. Not long after, Ultra Music Festival released the 2016 lineup for its flagship event in Miami featuring "Pendulum RETURNS" as one of the headliners.

Pendulum's live set on day three of the festival marked one of the biggest reunions in more recent dance music history and was the perfect way to close out the 2016 Ultra Music Festival. Deadmau5 even joined them on stage for a special performance of Ghosts 'n' Stuff with Rob Swire on vocals.

The Pendulum set was preceded by an impressive set from members Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen aka Knife Party. It was all livestreamed by UMF TV and Twitch with help from 7UP and NOMOBO and has been recorded and uploaded to YouTube. Relive the triumphant return of Pendulum below, and then keep scrolling to hear more about the epic Knife Party beforehand.

Set List:

01:44 - The Island (Part 1)
06:55 - Propane Nightmares
12:32 - Salt in the Wounds
17:20 - Slam
19:10 - Witchcraft
23:28 - Ghosts 'n' Stuff (with deadmau5)
27:30 - Watercolour
32:36 - Begin Again

2. The Prodigy cancels, and the replacement was...

In an unfortunate turn of events Maxim of longtime live electronic group The Prodigy fell sick. On Friday night, the iconic UK group was forced to announce the cancellation of their headlining performance on the second night of the festival. None other than deadmau5 raised his hand to fill in and close out the Live Stage on Saturday night. This impromptu set came ahead of deadmau5's performance on the ASOT stage on Sunday.

3. Knife Party brings out a crazy guest

Before the historic live set from Pendulum, the first in over 4 years, members Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen took over the stage to deliver a killer Knife Party set. For their Knife Party set, Rob and Gareth brought out legendary guitarist from Rage Against the Machine Tom Morello to perform an unreleased collaboration. Watch it all go down in the footage capturing the guest feature below...

4. The debut of the Resistance Arcadia stage

After last year's Afterburner, underground dance music stage Resistance and performance art collective Arcadia Spectacular teamed up once again to bring a new mind-blowing production.

The 18th edition of Ultra in Miami came with the highly anticipated North American debut of legendary "Arcadia Spider." Each day of the festival, the 65-foot-tall mechanical spider christened the shift from the day to the evening performances with a 30-minute Landing show of its intergalactic 360-design featuring 50-foot fire balls and mind-bending visuals.

It took 43 days to ship the 50-ton Spectacular Spider stage from Bangkok to Miami. The whole stage was constructed by recycled materials and the DJ booth was made from turbine rotors from a Tri Star and featuring such legendary talents including John Digweed, Seth Troxler, Guy Gerber, Jamie Jones and Black Coffee.

5. Deadmau5 doesn't have his mixer

Deadmau5 was scheduled to play Spotify's Ultra party on Friday but stormed off the stage after he realized he didn't have a mixer. Joel made the situation public on Twitter, saying that Spotify did not provide the mixer that is listed in his performance rider. A back and forth online spat ensued.

Cover photo by EDMKevin

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