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Producer Pulls Stunt at Major Festival to Address Urgent Issue [VIDEO]

"I did something different tonight, and I think the crowd got the message." - Kennedy Jones

We were recently handed a video from TomorrowWorld that we'd like to share and discuss. With Tigerlily having just fallen victim to a nude photo leak, it couldn't be a more perfect time...

When Kennedy Jones began his set at TomorrowWorld last summer, he was no where to be found, and the crowd didn't even notice.

His friend and fellow producer and musician Leah Culver dressed up as his body double and took the stage in his place while Kennedy's voice filled the speakers.

"What does it take for you to believe something. Hearing it? Reading it? Seeing it? I want you to ask yourself one more thing. Is seeing believing?"

It was at this moment that Culver revealed herself to the crowd, removing her hat, handkerchief and sunglasses.

"I told you to question everything. Seeing is not necessarily believing. Ten seconds ago you saw me on stage. Now you see someone else. Before she revealed herself, you weren't questioning her music abilities or credentials. When a musician steps on stage whether male or female, they're a performer. Musicians put in equal work, give equal time to their craft and fans regardless. I want everyone to understand that the Never Not gang represents the idea that music is meant for everyone. It's meant to bring people together regardless of gender, race, background, orientation or beliefs.

Kennedy made sure to note at the end of this poignant intro that this message is both for the fans and for everyone that works in the music industry.

"Now she's up there, where am I? I could be standing next to you right now. I'm somewhere out in the crowd becasue I believe we are all equal."

So why did he do it? Kennedy Jones orchestrated this all to make us think. As a successful producer, Kennedy meets and works with many a hardworking and talented female artists. And what he's noticed is that every one of them struggles not necessarily from direct sexism but rather some type of indifference or misunderstanding due to their gender.

Everyone that works hard to create or build something from the heart deserves a shot and deserves to be recognized, no matter who they are or where they came from. As soon as any of us lets the slightest bit of preconception or prejudice seep into our thoughts, we are instantly crushing and depreciating potentially years and years of hard work and determination. Not only should all artists, industry professionals and fans be treated equally regardless of race, ethnicity, gender and orientation, but the music industry simply can't afford NOT to empower anyone feeling compelled to create and build.

Watch the stunt captured on video as well as a statement from Kennedy himself below...

"I support this cause because I believe in it. I know issues like these aren't 'cool' to the masses, and a lot of times I see others stray away from them because of fear of lack of fan interest etc. However, I believe there are certain things in the world that need not involve your brand or worrying about how you "look." Why stray away from something in fear if the right thing to do is to help support the cause? When did that ever become acceptable?

I want people to understand that I do not claim perfection in this whole issue. On the contrary, I can actually admit that I have been far less than perfect in the past in regards to these issues, which is why I have become so willing to take a real, true look at the gender inequality issues at hand in the music world, and find ways to actually make things improve. I truly hope that I can inspire others to take the same honest look at themselves and find what they can improve upon. With self-truth comes tremendous amounts of strength. Taking an honest self-look at what we do to perpetuate/encourage/discourage these issues can possibly generate the necessary amount of strength we need to really make a positive impact on the gender inequality issues facing us everyday.

I think we as a dance music community should embrace the fact that it isn't just about the 'party' anymore. We have real issues and we should embrace the real power we have in numbers to improve them, if we are willing to keep our community healthy. For a community that brings all of us such joy, I just think we all have a responsibility to NOT ignore things that threaten it." - Kennedy Jones

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