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Creepy! This Vinyl Addition Will Make Any Collection Super Hardcore

Are you a hardcore vinyl fan? Do you want the legacy of your vinyl collection to succeed you after you're gone?

Well, now you can.

In todays edition of 'WTF?!?' there is a service available that enables you to press your ashes into a vinyl record.

Yup. A vinyl record.

Because just in case you had some special sentiment to share with you family or just wanted to people to kiss your ass from beyond the grave, there is a company that provides that service!

And Vinyly is a service dedicated to creating vinyl 'cracks and pops' out of your deceased remains for a reasonable price starting at £3000! The service allows you to customize your final wishes in a 24 minute record (12 minutes each side) to impart your final goodbyes, a spoken will, or maybe just the badass hip-hop album you've been sitting on all your life. And Vinyly provides specialized production services allowing your record to feature unique and never-before-heard music.

We can't tell if this is morbidly cool, or just well....morbid.


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