EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

"I don’t care about the DJ Mag top 100, getting $200,000 per show"

Laidback Luke recently sat down for an interview with Ocean Drive in Miami, to discuss his thoughts on the changing face of EDM, who he thinks is killing it right now, and more.

When asked about smaller, intimate club experiences possibly replacing huge clubs and massive festivals, he had this to say:

"I first saw that happening in New York: It scattered a little bit and people got deeper, darker, and more intimate, but I'm not worried. There's always a new generation of 17-year olds, and Ultra Music Festival will be their first musical experience—then they'll go back to the clubs after."

Asked to describe his thoughts on the future of EDM, he describes how the experience will change and broaden, including other parts of culture:

"Ten years into the future, the whole experience will change. My wife for instance is doing yoga-related dance music events now—it’s the full experience. This morning, I did an impromptu kung fu class out on Ocean Drive on the grass unannounced. I see that happening more and more in the future."

And what would he change about the music industry if he could:

"The multi-million [dollar] hunger, un-passionate, wannabe types. I don't care if it gets smaller. When I first got here, it was nothing. I would still be here doing the same thing because I love it—I don’t care about the DJ Mag top 100, getting $200,000 per show, or finishing off the Ultra main stage with a pre-planned show with lights, fireworks, and everything. I'm here to play music. I love this music, I grew up on this music, and I don’t need multi-million dollars for that. I just need a room, a couple decks, [and] happy people."

He also gave a shout out to Dutch up and comer Cesqeaux, who he considers to be the most underrated DJ currently: "He has showmanship, he has passion, he has looks, he has the voice—he's going to be big."

Check out the full interview over at Ocean Drive.

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