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EDM.com Spotlight

Join the 'Of Leisure' Club with Flume, Flux Pavilion & More [WATCH]

Of Leisure is more than an electronic music label, it's a lifestyle. And now, the Australian record label is inviting you to join the club with members Flume, Flux pavilion, Rudimental, UV Boi and more to enjoy downloads, exclusive mixtapes, VIP/discounted entry to Of Leisure parties, exclusive merchandise offers, pre-release updates and more.


Last year, the label broke new ground with releases from the likes of Cyril Hahn (CAN), Young Franco and GRMM not to mention the addition of new players to the roster including Tyler Touché and MUTO.

"Of Leisure prides itself on being more than a music family, a brand, a home for emerging artists or a party host - it’s a lifestyle choice, an open studio door, a couch to crash on… Of Leisure is your right-hand wingman. It aims to embrace all that is good in the world of electronic music culture and add its own vibrations to that cause. Its strict, yet versatile, Terms and Conditions for members are the missing ingredients to a happier life."

Of Leisure Membership Terms and Conditions

1. No Crumb, Spanner, Twat, Irrit, and Galah policy.
2. Dress Code: All White, Off White, Ivory, Beige, Cream colours preferred. Throw in some pastel blue, pink, green, yellow if you’re feeling creative. Any “Camo” clothing will be confiscated.
3. Dance Policy: Recommended but not compulsory to have rhythm. Anyone found Gabbering, Shuffling, Rinsing will be escorted from the club (unless used in a comedic context).
4. Non-compulsory Leisure Activities are highly recommended however remain non-compulsory.
5. If you see a D-list celebrity (Eg. Mike Whitney, Holly Valance, Nitro from the Shak) at an Of Leisure party, you must compliment them at least once. Eg. "Hey Nitro, sweet dreads bro!"
6. If you have trouble spelling ‘Leisure’, please approach one of our friendly staff who will gladly recite the “i before e…” rule (valid unless you’re running a feisty heist on a weird beige foreign neighbor).
7. No DJ Requests (Not Including Cher – Believe and Jock Jams – Are You Ready For This).
8. If you steal anything from of Leisure, you will be shunned from the club (Especially the flamingo statues).
9. The last rule of Of Leisure, you ALWAYS talk about Of Leisure.
10. What if we told you there were no rules?

* Any word in italic is open to personal interpretation

Head over to ofleisure.com.au to sign up for a free Original Of Leisure Membership now and get Game, Set, Match Vol 1 (Pre Release), the Of Leisure compilation featuring two collaborative releases from GRMM x MUTO and Young Franco x Tyler Touché.

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