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Rebel Radio Ep. 40: Brandon Wardell - How To Be a Sad Sex Symbol

Just Conscious Enough of My Brand to Hate Myself - A Rebel's Story

Cassie thinks it’s amazing that Brandon is only 23 and already has his shit together. Hard to say whether that’s a complement to Brandon or a commentary about the state of 23-year-olds.

You might know Brandon from his Vice articles or his two Snapchat shows (one for MTV and one for Comedy Central). Or from his collab with weird-comedy pioneer Bob Odenkirk or around LA doing stand-up at spots like The Improv and Meltdown Comics. Or you may not know him at all, which only proves that you’re old.

Brandon drops by the Rebel Radio studio to put us up on a bunch of stuff we never heard of — stuff the kids are into — and give some insight into what it’s like being a hip-hop head whose introduction to the genre was Kanye’s 808s and Heartbreak. He also explains how Makkonen is helping him get girls and how infusing hip-hop into his comedy act has accelerated his success. He also tries, unsuccessfully, to help Josh understand why anyone likes Fuck Jerry.

He gives us some important business lessons, like the importance of building a network of allies who all help each other and how to cut people from your team who aren’t delivering. For you youngsters out there, he cautions against the dangers of tuning out the haters and listening only to the positive comments. As Brandon says: “ I’m just conscious enough of my brand to hate myself."

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