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Producer Seeks Redemption On First Tour After Making Homophobic Remarks

Lithuanian producer Ten Walls, also known as Marijeis Adomaitis, made headlines last June for making highly offensive remarks against the LGBT community.

Having been dropped from his booking agency, his manager, as well as several scheduled performances at major festivals including Creamfields, Mysteryland, and Hard Summer. Nearly every DJ in the industry spoke out against Ten Walls for his hateful remarks towards a scene that has majorly contributed to the history and culture of dance music. Because of these remarks, Ten Walls became untouchable.

Ten Walls career because reclusive until 4 months ago when the DJ and producer released the track “Shining” through the National LGBT Rights Organization LGL, featuring transgendered singer Alex Radford.

Although many critics of Ten Walls may say that this is a PR stunt to get him off of the music industry’s black list, the Lithuanian DJ recently announced that he will be embarking on a 10-show tour across Europe and Asia this May, testing the waters on whether his career is able to be salvaged.

Ten Walls has certainly learned his lesson the hard way, and by no means is this a defense of his original comments. However, perspective is a key component when trying to wrap our heads around why such a successful DJ would make remarks that directly inflict pain and alienate a large portion of his audience.

Born in Lithuania in 1983, a former Soviet Union country on Europe’s Eastern bloc, Ten Walls grew up in a post-communist society. Unlike Western societies where freedom of expression was largely attainable through consumerism and accessibility to material goods and culture, post-communist societies in their initial transition did not have the benefit of being host to ideas of openness and expression after decades of exclusion.

While such scathing remarks by an international DJ is both a symptom of upbringing and poor judgement, Ten Walls has been forced to learn this lesson the hard way. Unlikely to every reach the level of influence that he once had, Ten Walls will continue to spend the next several years quietly producing quality music in an attempt to demonstrate his regret and rid himself of the stigma as a homophobe.

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