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EDM.com Spotlight

Founder of EDC, Beyond Wonderland & More Announces Big News & Updates

Pasquale Rotella, the founder of Insomniac Events, penned a letter entitled "The Journey Ahead,” which was published yesterday to the insomniac.com blog. The head honcho of some of dance music’s most beloved events took time out to update fans on what festivals and experiences they can look forward to as well as which ones are going to be put on hold in order to refocus and explore new cities and events.

"When I think about what we set out to accomplish every year—from new festivals and stages to new performers and design concepts—everything comes down to one single mission: How do we make memories that last a lifetime and create the best possible experience for our Headliners?"

Rotella wrote that he and the Insomniac team are feeling more energized than ever. With Nocturnal turning 20 last year, and Electric Daisy Carnival celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, fans can expect new stages, new carnival rides, new art and tons of amazing music. Even EDMbiz Conference & Expo will see an expansion with two areas of programming and more guests and speakers thanks to its new home at Caesars Palace.

One important update that may come as a disappointment, however, is that EDC Puerto Rico and Beyond Wonderland Bay Area will not be taking place this year. Bay Area can, however, still look forward BOO!, Audio on the Bay and We Are NRG as well as a few other surprises.

"This has nothing to do with attendance; it’s always a packed house, and you all bring amazing energy! Right now, we’ve decided to focus on exploring new cities and enhancing the experience at some of our other festivals."

Insomniac will also be holding off on the launch of EDC Japan originally slated for July.

"So many factors go into creating a successful festival, and we want to make sure you have the best possible experience for our first-ever EDC Japan."

But on the bright side, Rotella revealed that they will be launching brand new US festivals in 2017. And in the meantime, Dreamstate will launch in new cities and Insomniac Records will see a big relaunch.

In order to keep the focus on the music and the art and creativity that goes into DJing, Rotella also announced that they are working to make all sets longer this year.

"Another goal this year is to help bring back the true art of DJing. Part of what’s so magical about dance music is the ability for a DJ to take listeners on a journey. We want to give DJs the opportunity to do that, so you’ll definitely be seeing longer set times this year."

Read Rotella's full letter at https://www.insomniac.com/media/journey-ahead-mess...

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