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EDM.com Spotlight

Which States Have the Most Music Festivals?

Ultra Music Festival and SXSW marked the official start of the festival season here in the United States. Since then, lineups have been dropping left and right. Infrasound and Lucidity are among some of the festivals we're most looking forward to this season.

And now data-visualization company Graphiq and vertical search engine WanderBat are helping identify the hotspots for festivals in the United States. Using a sample of 210 festivals and looking at 40 states, they created an interactive map that reveals the states with the most popular music festivals.

The two states home to Coachella and Ultra, California and Florida, tie in first with 24 popular festivals. New York is right behind with 17, and then Texas comes in third with 13 popular music festivals. Nevada, which lays claim to one of the biggest dance music events in the nation Electric Daisy Carnival, has a total of 5 popular festivals.

So whether you're looking to go festival hopping this summer or are a promoter scoping out the competition, this map may come in handy. Pair this with the Music Festival Wizard, and you've got yourself the ultimate road guide to United States music festivals.

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