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Foo Fighters Breakup - Grohl Going EDM, Bandmates Consider Replacements

Following Dave Grohl's solo performance at the Oscars, rumors about an impending Foo Fighters breakup have spread.

Grohl and his bandmates posted a video to YouTube, trolling the gossipers and poking fun at themselves and EDM along the way. In the video, Grohl meets with Butch Vig - producer of Nirvana's Nevermind - who encourages him to take his solo career in a new, hip direction. "You won't be playing an instrument. The music is all in the box. All you gotta do is hit one button."

Grohl's bandmates then consider replacements for the frontman spot, considering Gwen (Stefani we assume), Bieber, Diplo, Billy Corgan, Chris Cornell, Phil Collins, Prince, etc. This is interspersed with truly awful (and hilarious) clips of Grohl in the studio singing about his newfound freedom.

The finale comes when Nick Lechay of 98 Degrees sings an acoustic rendition of Everlong with the band.

[We look forward to laughing at the Facebook comments from people who didn't bother to read the article or watch the video.]

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