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EDM.com Spotlight

Daft Punk DJing In Hell's Club - This Video Will Blow Your Mind

Video mashup wizard Antonio Maria Da Silva recently released his second Hell's Club video, which features Daft Punk DJing in a club full of the craziest assortment of famous movie characters you're ever likely to see.

He uses the dim, colored lighting often found in nightclubs as a tool to smoothly weave together footage from dozens of films. The color filters and precise cuts, along with some great musical mashups and audio edits create a nearly seamless sequence. Jedis, the Terminator, Freddy Krueger, Jack and Rose from Titanic, Scarface, Blade, Kurtz from Apocalypse Now... the list just goes on and on. Oh and Aliens, lots of Aliens.

Even casual movie or music fans will enjoy this, but if you are hardcore movie buff you'll be mesmerized.

Head over to his YouTube channel to check out part one, and more of his work.

H/T: The Creators Project

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