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Funktion-One Is About To Redefine Sound At Music Festivals

Many serious electronic music fans will know the name Funktion-One. Their sound-systems are installed in some of the best nightclubs around the word, and are often featured at smaller festivals - but until now, there was no F-1 option for main stages at large events.

Their new Vero system is going to change that. It's a fly-able, array-able, large format rig that can be customized and expanded to provide pristine Funktion-One sound for even the largest stages. Without getting into technical details, this is a huge deal for electronic music. Anyone who has been to a club with an F-1 system will immediately understand.

F-1s are nearly unrivaled in their ability to reproduce music with clarity, precision, and incredible frequency extension on both ends of the audible spectrum. They have physical, immersive power that is hard to describe, but unforgettable.

I was at Tipper's show at Red Rocks here in Colorado last summer, and I believe the sound-system used for that gig was a prototype of the Vero rig. Tipper has toured with Funktion-One systems before, and Tony Andrews (founder of Funktion-One) is a friend of his. Tony was at the Red Rocks show running the system. That was without question the best sound I've ever heard at a show, so it's hard to overstate how exciting this is.

[Tipper/Red Rocks/Funktion-One show poster by Android Jones]

Of particular interest to bass heads is the new subwoofer enclosure that is premiering as part of the system. From Funktion-One's website:

The third and final launch for Prolight + Sound Frankfurt is the F132. The extraordinarily powerful horn-loaded bass enclosure features Powersoft’s M-Force 10kW linear transducer and Funktion-One’s specially designed cone and enclosure technology. Its single 32in driver gives a frequency response of 24Hz to 70Hz.

“We wanted to maximise the transducer’s potential, so we developed our own loading technique and cone using aerospace technology. It’s giving us energy right down to 24Hz. These sorts of frequencies, horn-loaded, is a new experience for everyone; it has always been ported boxes before now. We powered up four of them together and it took me two weeks to forget the molecular impression it had on my body. I’ve never experienced anything like it before.” - Tony Andrews

To read more about the Vero system, head over to Funktion-One's website.

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