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A Rave Is a Great Way to Spend Your Lunch Break

Have you ever wanted to spend your lunch break raving?

That's what 150 or so Chicago people did yesterday. The Underground is normally more of a nighttime spot, but they recently hosted a mid-day event, sponsored by Perrier sparkling water. Local workers could come in and dance, or just chill to the sounds of DJ The Hood Internet.

Alerts went out on social media, and people from all around the area showed up to check it out. Responses were mixed, but generally positive.

Jordan Brown, a dispensary worker who frequents more traditional late night dance music events, said "When you come in the middle of the day, it's fun, it's random, and people are more coherent. I wish more people did things like this — loosened up, especially on a Friday."

Some attendees weren't so sure about the whole thing.

Dominick Roach, who came with co-workers from a local commercial real-estate firm, couldn't quite get into it.

"Usually when I walk in a club I've had a few drinks, but I'm just coming from my desk and it's a little overwhelming."

Would you be down for a mid-day, lunch break rave?

Source: Chicago Tribune

H/T: YourEDM

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