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Kanye Ends Deadmau5 Feud By Putting File Sharing Rumors to Rest

ICYMI, the music industry’s two biggest trolls, Kanye and Deadmau5, went at each other this past week in regard to illegally downloading software,

The feud, which started over an image Kanye posted to his personal Twitter account featuring a webpage that had tabs featuring torrenting sites sparked outrage by Deadmau5 who was quick to respond in a series of tweets. The drama surrounding the two artists has since quieted down after immediately going viral, and now Kanye is taking the opportunity to clarify what particularly took place in the image he posted to Twitter.

After being approached by paparazzi outside of Los Angeles' LAX airport, Kanye took the opportunity to speak out about the incident.

“Y’know, it’s funny because it’s obviously not my computer, and I took a picture of it in the studio and then everybody was like, do put that up…and I was like, ‘let it go up’.” (0:40)

Kanye also addressed the hypocrisy of people in the music illegally downloading music.

“I think that there’s people in the music industry, realistically, as you saw with the Deamau5 thing where he actually said that he used it before. So the reality is, y’know, I do think that people in the music industry hypocritically download sounds…”

Kanye more knows than most the struggles of illegal file sharing, as his recent album ‘The Life of Pablo’ was downloaded more than 1,000,000 through the Pirate Bay, the very site that he was seen to have allegedly been using in the photo.

Although the feud is over, we gotta tip our hats to these two for allowing us to eat our popcorn while being entertained by their wild antics.

Cover Photo: The Independent

H/T: The Fader

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