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The Psychedelic Drug That Can Help Cure Heroin Addiction

Psychedelics occupy a strange place in modern drug culture. Despite decades of fear-mongering propaganda from governments, most educated people know that most common psychedelics (mushrooms, LDS, mescaline, DMT) are not physically addictive, nor particularly dangerous when used carefully.

Beyond the party scene typically associated with psychedelics, microdosing (taking a small amount of a psychedelic) has become a popular trend among entrepreneurs, creative types, and professionals, to enhance creative thinking, problem solving, and general cognition. There has also been a resurgence of interest in psychedelics as part of spiritual practice, and of course there are studies happening all over the world to examine the usefulness of these drugs as aids to psychotherapy. But there is a less common psychedelic drug that is slowly, quietly revolutionizing the treatment of addiction.

Ibogaine, derived from the African Iboga plant, is a long acting, powerful dissociative psychedelic. It has traditionally been used as part of the Bwiti spiritual tradition in West-Central Africa, but in the last few decades it has gained wider attention around the world for it's powerful ability to interrupt - and in many cases, seemingly cure - opiate addiction.

Sadly, the drug policy of the US and many other countries labels Ibogaine as an illegal drug, so proper clinical trials and other research have been very limited. But when you hear the stories of addicts who have undergone Ibogaine treatment, there is a compelling argument against its continued prohibition.

To be clear - an Ibogaine trip is not something most people would consider fun or recreational. It's a long (24 or more hours) experience, that can be bizarre, unsettling, terrifying, and physically uncomfortable, and it can potentially cause dangerous physical side effects. So it's not, by any stretch of the imagination, a party drug.

Check out the video below, which follows the story of two addicts who undergo Ibogaine treatment.

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