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EDM.com Spotlight

Now You Can Literally Get Drunk On 808s

TommyD, one of the masterminds behind Ministry of Sound recently debuted a new line of whisky, named after Roland's famous TR-808 drum machine. The idea was to pay homage to the 808 and the dance music that it has inspired, bringing people together to celebrate the shared love of bass and booze.

“Whisky brings people together. It’s a sociable drink that inspires conversation. Like the best dance music it has warmth, bottom end, and a definite KICK. 8O8 is whisky but not as you know it. It’s Whisky remixed!”

A tour, called the 8IN8 Tour will be bringing the new whisky to clubs around the UK, along with some fantastic DJs, including: Maribou State, Yousef, Maya Jane Coles, Joris Voorn, Paul Woolford, DJ Harvey, Thomas Melchior, and 808 boss himself TommyD

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