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Producer Reportedly Facing Major Consequences As Rape Case Unfolds

After much public scrutiny following a court ruling denying recording artist, Kesha, an injunction to end her recording contract with Sony Music Entertainment’s Dr. Luke (Luke Gottwald), there is speculation that Sony may be soon removing their association in the conflict.

Although there have been no moves made as of yet to negotiate a contract settlement with Gottwald’s Kemosabe label, The Wrap reports that sources close to Sony are moving in that direction.

Although Gottwald has not formally been charged with sexual assault, Dr. Luke has suffered permanent damage to his professional reputation via a heated trial by Twitter.

Kesha Sebert, who has a recording contract with Kemosabe Records, a subsidiary label of Sony Music Entertainment, would not be released from her contract in the event that Sony prematurely ends their relationship with Gottwald.

According to court filings published in Japan Times, “On January 27, 2009, Kasz Money negotiated an agreement with RCA/Jive, a label group of Sony to furnish Seberts recording artist services to Sony.”

Because Kasz Money is a music publishing company owned by Gottwald, Sony never made a direct recording contract with Sebert herself, thus being unable to release her from her contract with Dr. Luke.

From the perspective of Sony Music Entertainment which owns over 25 different label imprints and generated over $4.8 billion dollars in revenue in 2014, the stakes are much higher.

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With over 411,000 signatures to date boycotting Sony, as well as a noticeable decrease in stock as headlines tore into the brand’s image, giving Gottwald the boot would ultimately help Sony save face.

Unfortunately, it appears as though the public struggle for Kesha to regain artistic autonomy will not be resolved anytime soon.

H/T: The Wrap

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