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EDM.com Spotlight

Canadian DJs Threatened With Deportation Over Trump Statement

We've seen some great April Fools pranks today, but we have to give this one special recognition.

We get a ton of press releases every day, from publicists and PR people from around the music industry - so many that it's hard for our small team to read through all of them. We often end up just skimming the subject lines/headlines and only taking a closer look at the ones that are eye catching or interesting. Dim Mak Records' press team sent out the following press release today.

When we clicked the link to "see their video response", we were taken to the YouTube video for their tune "Clickbait".

It's a clickbait April Fools press release to promote a tune called Clickbait, which is itself a mocking jab at the culture of clickbait - and it was sent to the media outlets who (if we're honest) are some of the worst perpetrators of clickbait.

It's like clickbait-ception

Well played Botnek, well played.

They also tweeted the following video, following the same pattern.

Image: Canada Nightlife

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