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Google April Fools' Gmail Stunt Cost People Their Jobs

Google always rolls out cheeky pranks on April 1st - but apparently some people aren't laughing.

Last night Gmail added a Send + Mic Drop button, right next to the normal send button.

When users clicked it (intentionally or by accident) it added a Minions .gif to their message, and then permanently blocked responses from whomever they were emailing.

This is an example of what it did, and an indication about how it might go horribly wrong.

And there have been a number of reports of people inadvertently hitting the button on professional emails, with disastrous consequences.

Google has since disabled the feature, and issued an apology, but obviously some major damage has already been done.

This one is tough to make a judgement on... On one hand yes, it was a pretty serious prank that may have messed some peoples's lives up. On the other, it's still a bit funny.

Image: Android Central

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