While many DJs are making quality music using programmed kick drums and high hats, there’s something to be said for creating unique and organic sounds.

At least thats what German based producer Gourski did in his latest project entitled ‘Cactus Trap’.

Creating tones using the individual plucking of cactus needles, Gourski created a minimal trap track using underlying 808 beats. The rich sounds of the cactus plucks didn’t need require a lot of special effects, Gourski simply equalized the cactus plucks and compressed them to amplify’s nature’s natural sound.

According to Motherboard, Gourski is unsure whether he will continue to use cacti to make trap tunes but he has learned to find valuable sounds in every day objects.

“Its totally fun to lay down some ideas and try something you never did before. [After Cactus Trap] I bought a little tape recorder which I will always take with me now."

Check out the full track below!

H/T: Motherboard

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