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EDM.com Spotlight

Hi-Tech Sex Toys May Soon Be 'Coming' to a Festival Near You

Remoji is trying to change your sex life by making it possible for you to find pleasure in public places.

By introducing bluetooth enabled sex toys that are controlled via an app, Remoji is finding new and creative ways to get you off.

The company wants to launch their new line of sex toys just in time for music festival season so that individuals can find pleasure in public places. The device which can be hidden in the users nether-regions far from wandering eyes can be synced to vibrations to the music of six different genres, including hip-hop, indie, punk, jazz, techno, and dubstep.

A spokeswoman for PicoBong, the company launching the product said, "With summer fast approaching and music festival season about to kick off, PicoBong is poised to become your main provider of unforgettable experiences in sexual exploration."

With festival goers being keen on experimentation, perhaps this isn't that shocking of an idea.

According to New York author and sex researcher Dr. Zhana Vrangalova, the desire for sexual pleasure in public isn't a unique phenomenon. "...[T]here is something very arousing in exposing your nude of sexual self to the gaze of others – in a recent study of over 1,000 Canadian adults, 35% of men and 27% of women reported interest in having se with a partner in front of other people where they were at risk at being seen."

For a laugh (or more information), take a look at the company's indiegogo video, which already has a 464% backing!

Maybe we're just prudes, but the idea of having to see the barely-of-age festival goer rolling on MDMA while simultaneously displaying their 'O' face is just too much.

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