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Skrillex's Booking Agent Lee Anderson On the Future of the Music Industry

Skrillex's booking agent, Lee Anderson of AM Only recently sat down with Dancing Astronaut for an interview, to discuss his thoughts on the current state and future of the music industry.

Anderson has been instrumental in the careers of massive artists such as Skrillex, Zedd, Big Gigantic, and Disclosure, so he is someone who knows what's up in the music biz.

We've picked a few of the highlights from the interview, but we encourage you to check out the whole thing over at Dancing Astronaut.

DA: What music trends do you see on the rise?

Anderson: A few right now. There is a real resurgence of bass music at the moment. Acts like Getter and Jauz are selling real tickets and and there is a wild energy that the fans have at their shows, which I feel has been missing as of late. It felt to me like kids were sort of going through the motions at clubs and festivals for a little bit there, and some of the artists were as well. Watching the Getter set at Ultra this year reminded me very much of watching Sonny play that festival for the first time six years ago. Kids climbing up into trees and going absolutely apeshit all over the place. There was a crazy energy that can’t be created with production elements; it comes from the fans’ authentic love and excitement for the DJ. Jauz has been selling a ton of tickets on his tour, and you will see Getter do the same in the very near future.

DA: You’ve helped build out AM Only’s live roster: would you like to see more DJs experiment with live shows?

Anderson: Very rarely do we at AM Only represent a DJ who is not a producer. Many producers use DJing as the platform to present their music in a live setting. Going to see a DJ is awesome, and I will always love that, as will the fans. There will be always be a place for this and the DJ will live on forever. At this stage however, I think it’s time for producers the raise the bar on how they present their music… It’s time to start raising the bar on how electronic music is presented from a performance perspective. Not ALL the time, but I hope to start seeing it MORE of the time.

DA: You’ve booked BBQ tours, train tours, arena tours — what type of tours have you yet to organize that you would like to?

Anderson: I’m still trying to figure out how to do a show with Skrillex in space. Seriously.

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