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The First Annual Electronic Music Awards Show Has Been Postponed

The idea of an awards show dedicated to EDM is an exciting thought, but it seems that the 1st Annual Electronic Music Awards is getting off to a rocky start - or really, lack of a start at all.

The first ever Electronic Music Awards and Foundation show was originally scheduled to be taped on April 14th, and aired on Fox on April 23rd. However, the show, co-founded by Paul Oakenfold and LA based production company TV4 Entertainment, has announced that it's being postponed until later this year.

A representative from the show spoke to Billboard, confirming that the show has been delayed:

"As this is the first year of the awards, we have the luxury of flexibility, which we are taking advantage of to decide the optimal timetable to present the awards. With this opportunity, we felt that it would better to represent the electronic music calendar in the fall rather than the spring.”

We'd love to see a full awards show dedicated to electronic music, but delaying the premier of the show in such a last minute fashion like this doesn't bode well. We're hoping to see the show be successful when it does launch, but it'll be interesting to see if this decision to postpone is truly just a strategic choice or an indication of a deeper problem.

Source: Billboard

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