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Let Your Troubles Melt Away with Feral Fauna's Sultry "Tincture" [LISTEN]

Up-and-coming duo Feral Fauna creates music inspired by dance, movement, change, uncertainty and imperfection. Hailing from Santa Cruz, California, the electronic duo is comprised of producer and instrumentalist Krikor Andonian (aka KR3TURE) and vocalist Heather Christie.

By embracing the contrasts of acoustic & electronic, organic & digital and female & male, this up-and-coming electronic duo is developing a wild sound all their own that is blurring the lines between electronica, pop and soul. You'll hear (and feel) exactly this in their latest offering.

We're excited to bring you the duo's latest single, a sultry "Tincture" that will have you melting into a unique combination of vocals, instrumentals and bass-heavy production.

To celebrate the release, Feral Fauna has curated a sexy new playlist for the Spotify. Check out both the single and the Spotify playlist below, and tell us what you think!

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