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EDM.com Spotlight

Kaskade Shares deadmau5 Collab without even Warning deadmau5!

Almost a year ago, deadmau5 and Kaskade teased a new collaboration, dubbed "Beneath With Me" and featuring vocals from Skylar Grey. Deadmau5 uploaded two different 1:40-minute-long previews to his fuckmylife SoundCloud page with the description "a song about a dead person singing to a not dead person to come be dead with them. thats the idea anyway." They both then shared to their social media.

Nothing ever came of the track, and it never saw an official release. But today, Kaskade uploaded a full version of the nearly-forgotten collab to SoundCloud, sharing it on Facebook and Twitter as well.

It was uploaded with the title "Kaskade & deadmau5 (feat. Skylar Grey) - Beneath With Me V.3," but the weirdest part was the fact that deadmau5 wasn't involved. In fact, he had zero knowledge of it at all. The upload was just as much a surprise for Joel as it was for everyone else online.

A string of tweets revealed Joel was confused but was "not about to go ham." He then digressed saying, "eh. whatever. i say r oll with it @kaskade do whatever you gotta do and we'll put it out however." Check out the full track below as well as the thread of tweets from Joel...


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