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If Westboro Baptist Church Attends EDC, Let's Show Them What PLUR Means

We've seen reports circulating that the Westboro Baptist Church is planning to attend Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. We aren't sure of the legitimacy of these reports, but we thought it would be worth addressing just in case it's true.

If you aren't familiar, WBC is a hate group (as identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center). They have repeatedly made headlines by picketing numerous events around the US with offensive signs espousing hatred of homosexuals, muslims, and other groups.

(Image: SPLC)

(Image: Todd Bigelow Photography)

If WBC shows up at EDC, we trust ravers will have the perfect response - Peace Love Unity and Respect... with maybe a bit of trolling for fun.

For inspiration, check out these photos of awesome counter-protests at WBC protests from Orlando, from JoulesRio's Imgur page:

JoulesRio explains his reasoning for wanting to counter-protest, rather than just ignore them:

"If a car drives by with a bullied youth in it, I want him to see that there are people who are fighting for him. I want him to know that the world isn't just going to sit by while he is demonized. I want him to take solace in the fact that good still outweighs the bad.

Early on, my first inclination was to meet them seriously, not in costume, and fight their words of idiocy with my words of love. But then I thought about it. If I take their statement seriously, then I am giving it more value than it's worth. Only in costume could I invalidate the seriousness of their message. The UCF Jedi and many others had the same thought.

These are not people you could sit down and have a rational dialog with. So the only way to win in an irrational argument is to be more flamboyant and much louder."


Truth be told, the Westboro Baptist Church are cowards, and it's unlikely they would show up at an event like EDC, where they know they would be surrounded by a sea of people who utterly reject their message of hate. But if they do show up, let's show them what Peace Love Unity Respect is all about. We should only answer their message of hate with love - like these people did, when WBC leader Fred Phelps passed away:

(Image: NY Daily News)

Image: JoulesRio's Imgur

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