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EDM.com Spotlight

Check Out This New Video of Mike Dean Jamming Out in the Moog Factory

Mike Dean easily ranks among the top most influential hip hop record producers of all time. Hailing from Houston, Texas, Dean is responsible for the dirty south sound popularized in the '90s, and he's worked with a staggering list of legends including Scarface, Geto Boys, Do or Die, Nate Dogg, Tech N9ne and 2Pac, among others.

And now, he's known to be a go-to producer for hip hop superstar Kanye West, having mixed his albums The College Dropout, Late Registration and most recently worked as a producer on The Life Of Pablo.

Moog Music Inc. recently invited the legend to their factory to experiment with six of their most powerful Mother-32 synths with the Voyager XL controller. They documented the weekend-long session and recently uploaded a pretty fascinating video of Dean as he jams out on some of this top-notch gear.

Anyone who appreciates high-quality production, sound design or just music in general will enjoy watching this mastermind do his thing. Check it out!


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