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Who Paid For Your Coachella Ticket?: A social experiment gone wrong

The Woody Show, from radio station ALT 98.7 in Los Angeles went to Coachella and conducted interviews to find out if the festival's trust-fund babies stereotype is true.

They asked a number of attendees "Who paid for your Coachella ticket?" The responses varied a bit, but they definitely found a few people who exemplified the stereotype.

Of course this footage is edited, and the interviewer could have very well been looking specifically for people that would confirm his preconceptions.

The description of the video reads, "People slam Coachella attendees for being a bunch of trust fund babies and douchebags. Let's see if we can prove them wrong." But the interviewer seemed more determined to prove them right, judging by the tone of his questions, which comes off pretty condescending, to say the least, and especially to the females he talks to. And we couldn't help but notice, the camera seemed to find a few questionable angles when interviewing females, although this could be due to bad camera-holding.

Sure, this video was supposed to be funny, but the condescending aspect kinda killed that for us. And so, we're inclined to say The Woody Show has only shown just how easy it is to prove a stereotype by cherry-picking examples - and of course there are plenty of examples, because otherwise it wouldn't be a stereotype - but we want to hear from you. Do you find anything wrong with this video?


So it looks like The Woody Show took the video down. We haven't heard from them, so we don't know if it was due to our coverage.

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