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Producer Calls Out Blog For Offensive April 1st Prank

April Fools pranks run rampant in the music world, and we're down when they are harmless fun. But taking mean-spirited shots at an artist, and trivializing a serious mental health issue in the process?

YourEDM posted an April Fools' "prank" article about Getter yesterday, originally titled Getter Sinks Into Deep Depression After Realizing His Memes Are All He Has.

Even ignoring the fact that this feels like a personal attack masquerading as a joke, it is entirely inappropriate to joke about depression in this context - especially given it's frequency among musicians, artists, and other creative types.

Getter responded accordingly:

They have since changed the title to Getter Quits Music After Realizing His Memes Are All He Has, obviously realizing how offensive it is to trivialize something like depression.

To be clear, major depression is a serious, debilitating mental health condition that affects an estimated 25 million Americans. If you or someone close to you is struggling with depression, we encourage you to seek out information and support.

National Institute on Mental Illness

Beyond Blue

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

Anxiety and Depression Alliance Association

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