EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

In Too Deep: A Sexy New Podcast on Life, Love & Music

Sometimes you just want to forget the small talk, and skip straight to those moments where time slips away and all that matters is what feels right. Enter: In Too Deep, a new biweekly music podcast presented by EDM.com and Artist Intelligence Agency.

Every two weeks, In Too Deep host Dominickus Wells will invite guests for an unedited conversation about everything from life and love (and lovemaking) to music and creativity, covering the highs, the lows and the in-betweens.

You can expect to hear from passionate creators and lovers, be it musicians or visionary dancers and photographers, as they touch on topics like 'judgement,' 'therapy,' 'insecurity' and 'medicine.' How a topic is interpreted is all up to the guest and the mood of the music and the moment. No topic is too deep to cover, and no conversation is scripted.

The dynamic conversation is soundtracked with an impeccable selection of sexy tunes from new and up-and-coming electronic artists. Episode one explores 'Temptation,' bringing you sultry singles like "Nobody Knows" from Mont Oliver, "Masquerade ft. Jessie Siren" from Justin Hartinger and "Slow Down ft. K Raydio" from Diverse & IanEwing.

Tune in to the first episode of In Too Deep below, and then find more at The XXX on SoundCloud. Click the subscribe button for new episodes every two weeks.

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