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Coachella's New 3D Technology was Meant for Michael Jackson [VIDEO]

One of the most talked about performances of Coachella was by The Lucent Dossier Experience. The LA-based collective known for its combination of vocals, aerial dancing and avant-garde art delivered a revolutionary performance in the Sahara Tent that involved the first ever use of 3D Live graphics.

It was the 11th time Lucent had appeared at Coachella, but it was a landmark performance for both the group and the major festival and something no one had ever seen before.

"We've all been to 3D movies, but to put it in a live event and to put performers in front of an LED and have the images flying around and past and over the performers.... it's a brand new world," said Lucent founder and creative director Dream Rockwell in a recent interview with Mashable.

Responding to each movement by the performers, the tracking capabilities of this high-tech 3D LED display makes for an eye-popping and awe-inspiring visual experience that is remarkable in its immersiveness.

Rockwell told Mashable that the technology was originally intended for Michael Jackson's tour and was going to be unleashed shortly before his unexpected death, but Rockwell is envisioning an exciting explosion of this type of technology and live performance in the coming years.

"I have a feeling we're going to see lots and lots of this... I think we're at the beginning of something that's going to be really big."

The Lucent Dossier Experience will perform the live show again tonight at midnight during weekend two of Coachella. Watch the video uploaded by the festival from last Friday's show below.

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