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EDM.com Spotlight

Anonymous Trap Lord UZ Announces New Label, Drops Mix

Back in 2015 UZ's Trap Shit EP series ended, and left us wondering what the mysterious trap mastermind was up to.

Now we have an answer. He's just announced the launch of his label, Quality Goods. He told Billboard:

“Over the past few years, I have traveled the world countless times, and throughout my journeys, I have been influenced by a wide array of producers and new sounds. I have always felt that there has been a need for a staple within the community that allows artists (to) work freely within the confines of their own creativity. That is why I have decided to create Quality Goods Records.”

The label promises to expand UZ's own palate of sounds, and feature some top talent across the spectrum of bass music. Check out the debut label mix below.

Source: Billboard

Image: Beta Nightclub

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