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Edward Snowden Just Went From America's Most Wanted to Techno Collaborator

Edward Snowden made headlines in 2013 after leaking federally classified information from the National Security Agency.

Denoted as both a traitor and a national hero, Snowden revealed the depth of mass surveillance that the United States has turned towards its own citizens. For the past three years Snowden has been living in Moscow, having been granted temporary asylum by the Russian Federation.

French composer Jean-Michel Marre, one of the first musicians to utilize and create compositions with the synthesizer (thus becoming one of the grand daddy’s to electronic music) reached out to Snowden about a collaboration.

After initial hesitation, Snowden agreed to collaborate on Marre’s track “Exit” from his forthcoming album Electronica 2: The Heart of Noise.

Although the track features spoken word from Snowden, Marre – in a conversation with the New York Post – stresses that the work is not Anti-American.

“I am a lover of America because it’s a place where you can say anything. It’s important to remember that Edward Snowden couldn’t have been Chinese or Russian…He sacrificed himself, like an American soldier. To me, that’s a true patriot. What I can say, in a very objective way, is he is very in love with his country.”

Check out the track below!

H/T: The New York Post

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