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Coachella Gets Roasted in New Funny Or Die Ft. David Spade [WATCH]

Well-known American Actor, comedian and writer David Spade joined forces with Funny Or Die and Joe Dirt 2 co-star Charlotte McKinney to deliver a video that jabs incessantly at the stereotypical Coachella attendee one joke at a time.

A good parody is simply hard to find and hard to deny. Spade and McKinney, with production help from Funny Or Die, hilariously criticize Coachella and its stereotypes by posing as a festival staffer and attendee, respectively. The video is incredibly entertaining but also makes some thought-provoking observations about festival attendance motives, drug use, sexual abuse and lifestyles that lack any direction or purpose.

David Spade Hates Coachella from Funny Or Die

H/T: Uproxx


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