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deadmau5 Just Called Alok Out For Playing YouTube Rip

A fan on Twitter recently brought it to deadmau5's attention that Brazilian DJ Alok played "Imaginary Friends" at TomorrowLand Brazil.

@DsaPkngz tweeted at deadmau5, asking if he had let Alok play the tune. Joel's response was brutal.

Alok is obviously not anywhere near the superstar status of deadmau5, but he is a well known international DJ with hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of plays on his Soundcloud, and over a million fans on Facebook. A local DJ playing a bar to 20 people shouldn't be playing YouTube rips - for an internationally successful DJ to play a YouTube rip on a huge mainstage at a fest like TomorrowLand Brazil is just flat out shameful.

Rips of Soundcloud or YouTube streams are horrendous quality, and no self respecting DJ or producer should subject a crowd to such poor quality audio. Beyond the obvious disrespect to the audience, the sound engineers, and the festival in general, it's also a massive disrespect to the original artist.

deadmau5 is generous in the fact that he shares works in progress and alternate version of tracks online before the tunes are finalized/released. He does this for the fans, and it's sad when other DJs take advantage of that by ripping the tunes and playing them out. When a producer has unreleased material, it's his or her right to share it with other DJs - or not.

I honestly found it hard to believe that this was even true when I saw the tweets, so I did some digging around YouTube, and sadly confirmed that this did actually happen. See for yourself.

Image: Rukes.com

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