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Major City Pulls the Plug on All Electronic Music Events

Time Warp festival had to report the death of five young attendees and the hospitalization of five more after its third annual event in Buenos Aires, Argentina last week.

The five men that died were between the ages of 20 and 25 and were speculated to have taken unknown drugs. Reports indicated that the venue was overcrowded and overheated. After the tragic incidents on April 15, the festival was forced to cancel the second day of the event and issue refunds to ticket-holders.

As the community mourns the loss of five young souls and three still remain in critical condition, the federal judge leading the investigation announced on Friday that the companies involved in the organization of Time Warp are suspended from any production of private or public events in the Argentinian capital.

Following this decision, Mayor of Buenos Aires Horacio Rodriguez Larreta made an official statement Monday that permits will not be issued to any events like Time Warp until city lawmakers reform the current drug laws. The mayor discussed the need for legislation that requires events to better mark healthcare center locations and requires organizers to be trained and educated on drug abuse, safety and health measures.

The ban on electronic music events is expected to be temporary, and it's believed that events will once again be able to secure permits once new laws have been established to prevent drug abuse.

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Sources: latino.foxnews and Guardian

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