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EDM.com Spotlight

Music Affects Your Brain Like Sex and Drugs [Watch]

As music fans, we know that music can make us feel strong emotions. But what actually is going on in our brains that make us feel things so powerfully?

The folks over at Life Noggin created an animated short to explain exactly how music affects our brains.

The video explains that the way in which we process music is different from regular noise, meaning that music has an effect on the way in which respond emotionally. When listening to, or anticipating the climax of a song, our brains to begin to release dopamine, the neurotransmitters which induce feelings of pleasure. These neurotransmitters are also present when you eat food, take drugs, and of course, have sex.

Luckily, music is one drug that we’re okay being addicted to!

Cover Photo: Huffington Post

H/T: IFL Science

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