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EDM.com Spotlight

deadmau5 Tears Into TomorrowLand, Fake DJs, Thieves

A few days ago we covered deadmau5's reaction to Brazilian DJ Alok playing a YouTube or Soundcloud rip of "Imaginary Friends" at TomorrowLand Brazil.

Since then Joel has followed up with a series of tweets and responses, addressing Alok directly, plus lashing out at TomorrowLand, fake DJs who play prerecorded sets, and DJs who don't bother to learn productions skills.

What mystifies us the most about this whole fiasco is how Alok could possibly think he could get away with playing "Imaginary Friends" at such a large event. Playing a rip of a big, unreleased tune from any major artist is just asking for trouble - but deadmau5?! Alok hasn't responded to any of this yet, which is probably wise, because he would be torn apart by Joel and his legions of hardcore fans. But it's hard to imagine TomorrowLand or any other major festival booking him again, for fear of drawing the wrath of deadmau5.

Image: XS LasVegas Blog

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