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London DJ Goes to Extreme Measures to Get His Pizza Delivered

Sometimes ya just need some feel-good news. And so is the case for London-based DJ Artwork, who just really wanted some pizza.

Artwork, who was returning from a gig in Glasgow got on a 5-hour train back to Sheffield. In a hurry, he forgot to buy food for the long journey ahead.

Asking his Twitter followers for suggestions as to how to rectify the situation, one clever tweeter suggested having pizza delivered. And so Artwork called up Domino’s and organized a pizza heist for the generations.

Artwork challenged the odds by ordering a Hawaiian without the benefit of a postal code. As the train entered Kettering station, DJ and fans alike were on the edge of their seat. Would the pizza be there on time? Would they be able to make the exchange before the train set into motion?

Regarding the desperate situation, Artwork has this to say:

"Everyone was giggling. There was a big build up, waiting to see if it would happen. "It was quite tense and I was starving.”

We’re happy to report that despite the odds, Artwork successfully got his pizza delivered and didn’t have to go hungry!

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