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The Top Bass Music Label Just Saved the Day with This... [VIDEO]

Today is a huge release day in the dance music world as Calvin Harris, Zedd, Krewella and more dropped new music. But Never Say Die Records is here to save the day for bassheads. The genre's leading label is back with a landmark release from none other than Belgium bass legend Eptic.

Michaël Bella aka Eptic first broke onto the bass scene in 2012 destroying charts with his EPs Like A Boss and Slime City and then again with his 2013 EPs Mastermind and Doom, which featured a collab with Must Die! and a VIP from Habstrakt. The young producer is far from finished, however, as he continues his global bass music domination.

Today, the bass beast unveiled the first taste of a new, 6-track EP, an audio/visual project called OVERLORD. His biggest body of work to date, the new project boasts tons of artwork and animation all created by Eptic himself as he fuels his passion for illustration and brings his productions to life with eye-popping visuals.

"My new release is called ‘Overlord’. The reason for the name is because I’m all about taking over the galaxy, starting at a club near you. I wanted to put as much of myself as possible in to the release and really get the vibe across so we decided to release the first four tracks as singles, each with their own artwork and an extra two tracks will be added to the final EP release."

For OVERLORD, Eptic really took the time to experiment and dabble in new territory to bring something really unique to the bass community.

"All the tracks came naturally to me but it was a longer and harder process than usual due to being on the road so much. Such a big amount of cool music and new genres popped up this year, I didn’t just want to make another dubstep EP. For me, this has been the most fun and interesting EP to work on because I took the time to experiment and made so much weird stuff in the process.

This first track is a banger called "Cosmic," which features Eptic's own interpretation of some of the future sounds he's digging right now.

"[‘Cosmic’ is] probably my favourite track of the release. I have a big love for all the new future stuff that is popping up, but hardly any of it fits in my set. That’s why I tried to catch that vibe, but translate it in to a track that still bangs in a club environment.”

Listen to "Cosmic" below and cop a download here. Then, be sure to keep an eye out for the next track slated to drop on Friday, May 13th. Each track will come with its own unique teaser like the one above. And if you're lucky, some OVERLORD merch may or may not be landing in the Never Say Die store sometime in the near future.

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