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EDM.com Spotlight

"There's So Much of the Same Sounding Stuff Out There"

In a recent interview with Hunger TV, Australian luminary Harley Streten aka Flume spoke on everything from his upcoming album to his passion for technology and sound design, referencing a recent plugin he bought from a woodchopper in Norway. The producer also had an honest conversation about standing out in a saturated online market and the importance of musicality, among other topics.

One of our favorite highlights from the interview was Harley's comments on uniqueness being just as important as skillfulness. Talent can only bring a producer so far; you also have to bring something new to the table, something fresh and different.

"... I think before you could make stuff that was in a similar vein to other people but now there’s so much of that, it’s all about sounding different and having a strong identity. I feel like a lot of people don’t necessarily feel the importance of being unique..."

And while the internet, and particularly SoundCloud, may be over-crowded now, Flume attributes his success very much to the fact that he was able to reach new fans this way early on in his career.

"...I wouldn’t be where I am without the internet. I came up and started getting some recognition when Soundcloud was in its golden age – people were discovering lots of new music, but there was a manageable amount of it...."

Finally, we couldn't help but agree with his opinion on the fact that songwriting and musicality are just as important as they ever were in the current landscape, or at least they should be regarded as such.

"...To me there are two different sides to music – 50% is that classic songwriting full of melodies, the other 50% is sounds, textures, techniques and ideas you’ve never heard before – experimentation, forward-thinking stuff – that’s production...."

Check out Hunger TV's full interview with Flume at http://www.hungertv.com/feature/flume-talks-techno...

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